loving the sunshine

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The weather in Christchurch has been great the past week. Lots of sun, wind and little or no rain. Makes it great to be able to take Sago for a good walk, bbq with friends, spend an afternoon with the boys at the beach and just lie outside in the sunshine and watch the clouds.
It sure is summer!

Master W took this photo

Master B and Master W playing outside

Me and Mr B at the beach

dipping our toes in the water

New Brighton Pier- Christchurch

Master B and Mr B in the sand
 Hexagons are growing and thanks to Sewpretty I now have the fabric for the center of my pile of  hexagons that I didn't have a match for.


hexagons with matching fabric
So this weeks plan is to get back to the sewing machine and make more Famers wife Quilt blocks. A friend of mine has inspired me after seeing her beautiful quilt using some of these fabrics from heirloom collection.

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