Photo Friday

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birthday invites

Just whipped up Birthday Invites for Master W while Mr B made dinner :D

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the power of love


The Sisterhood got a mention in the Press today. Just awesome to see what people can do to share the love!
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my new frame

I had brought a frame last year and had a friends husband who is talented with wood wire it up so I can display the boys photos/artwork in the kitchen. I really enjoy the colour of the rimu window frame and its perfect next to our wooden doors.

rime frame for kitchen

wooden doors and frame on the wall

The frame in the kitchen is usually full of photos/ artwork and I use it to take photos of my blocks and also things listed on felt and I think the little pegs just look adorable!

dolls quilt pegged on frame

Well at Musgroves I came across another frame a few months back but this time it is thin and long and will fit in our spare room.

Frame with wire

Its now just been put up in its new home. The advantage of using a window frame minus the glass is its light and also has a lip for me to place thin objects on the bottom like a shelf. 

displaying one of my blocks and dolls quilt

Looks great in the room
Now to make more things to hang and display on the frame.

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Cheesecake recipe

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Mr B brought home a large bag of peppermint slice off cuts- the bits they can't sell in shops but the bakery next to his work sells. The bag doesn't look appealing but the bits are so yummy. With much of the bag left I decided to make a peppermint slice cheesecake. I used this recipe for inspiration and my trusty food processor! The great thing with this recipe is you can use a packet of your favourite biscuits or a failed chocolate cake or slice for the base.

Peppermint Slice no bake Cheesecake

ends of Peppermint slice- I used a fair amount in this recipe so the base is thick
60g melted butter
500g Cream Cheese
400g can Sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup chocolate drops
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (or flavouring)


In food processor bend together bits of slice slice and melted butter.

Press into a lined spring form tin.

Blend together Cream cheese and condensed milk add in chocolate drops and vanilla essence and pour over base.

Refrigerate until set and remove from tin to serve.

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Photo Friday

Perfect Sailing weather

The boys promise they will be back for tea! Hooray for a good week!

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I tend to the go the library every fortnight with the boys and we get DVDs, book and magazines etc. But I have noticed recently that you can do a Puzzle Swap at the library we frequent (think it helped they have them next to the door). The basic principle is you bring in a puzzle in good condition with all it pieces and swap it for a puzzle with the same amount of pieces- so a 1000 piece you could swap for x2 500 piece or another 1000 piece puzzle.

We have already done the 3 Wasgij's we own last year in the evenings over winter and well we/I don't really want to do the puzzles again so this is a perfect way to do another puzzle with out spending any money as well as having quality time together.

We are currently doing the The Marriage Course and they encourage planning a night a week for "Marriage Time" at the moment this is an hour a week to do the course homework and we have been having dinner together once the boys are in bed (and trying not to be really really hungry having dinner hours after we would normally have dinner)

I picked two new puzzles with Master W's help today. These will be perfect to do at home to spend quality time together this week!

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Just got added to Kiwi Mummy Blogs- Exciting!!
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the week past

The dumping of snow we had last week is all gone but the boys did manage to make a snow dog before it all melted.

The boys made a snow dog

I had an appointment with the hand clinic the earlier in the week. The assessment didn't tell me much more than the physio had apart from how much strength I don't have in my right hand but I now am feeling a little like Iron man with the strap thing on my wrist and elbow. I have another appointment in the week so hoping to make some progress.

work in progress

I did make the cutest we hat and scarf for for a doll that will soon be gifted for a friends little girls 1st Birthday.

winter hat and scarf

I did make Sago a cute we pouch so the plastic bags are not attached like this anymore....

lead with bags attached

new pouch on the lead

Here's hoping for a more productive week next week.

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I made a Pavlova

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I am slowly working through my 30 before 30 list  and last night after having 4 egg whites left over from something else I made a Pavlova! I used the Edmonds recipe

all ingredients measured out

me mixing

Put on baking paper with circle drawn on

Perfect Pavlova

looks yummy!

So pleased that it turned out perfect!! And another task to cross off my list of 30 things!!

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Photo Friday

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the snow turns to slush!

Happy Friday.

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Let it snow!

Today in Christchurch we woke to it feeling like winter! It started raining last night and the forecast was for snow....they were right! Schools are closed and Mr B is working from home.

snow settling at 7.30 am

snow at 8.50am

snow at 9.45am

We are home for a quiet day watching movies and playing with lego :D
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The Queens Birthday weekend

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Us here in NZ get a long weekend the first Monday in June to celebrate the Queens birthday- but the Queen's actual birthday is April.

We had a great weekend as a family and here are some photos from our weekend.

dressed to take Sago to the dog park

the boys built and awesome train station

playing a game with dad

we took a drive

heading into the tunnel


adorable hats on the fence in Lyttelton

Me and Mr B

My family

Container Cosy in Sumner

Sumner Beach

This is my favourite photos of the weekend.

Me and Master W at the beach

A great weekend all round!

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our handmade Christmas

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Want to hear about my plan? For those who know me I *heart* Christmas and plan early (and today is the 1st June so its already the middle month of the year)!

decorations made for our advent calender

Last year I had a grand plan to hand make family members Christmas presents. I found that this was really fun and satisfying but also overwhelming having to myself make handmade gifts for everyone. I also every year enjoy making all our Christmas cards.

This year's plan is to buy HANDMADE from others. To buy things friends have made or could make (when I ask) and be supporting others. Or even the idea of making things and swapping. I myself have things listed on felt so the plan is to make a few more things on felt to sell/gift to others and keep a look out for things to buy. I also plan to include buying handmade items for/to add to our Christmas cards. I am posting this early because I like to be organised and hate the mad rush in November/December when people seem to freak out and notice Christmas is a few weeks away and with Handmade items they are not mass produced and they take time and love to make.

Would love to hear your ideas for a handmade Christmas or things you do already for a Handmade (with love and purpose) Christmas, or if there is a skill or talent that you have that would make an awesome gift (feel free to post a link when you comment)!!

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