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Want to hear about my plan? For those who know me I *heart* Christmas and plan early (and today is the 1st June so its already the middle month of the year)!

decorations made for our advent calender

Last year I had a grand plan to hand make family members Christmas presents. I found that this was really fun and satisfying but also overwhelming having to myself make handmade gifts for everyone. I also every year enjoy making all our Christmas cards.

This year's plan is to buy HANDMADE from others. To buy things friends have made or could make (when I ask) and be supporting others. Or even the idea of making things and swapping. I myself have things listed on felt so the plan is to make a few more things on felt to sell/gift to others and keep a look out for things to buy. I also plan to include buying handmade items for/to add to our Christmas cards. I am posting this early because I like to be organised and hate the mad rush in November/December when people seem to freak out and notice Christmas is a few weeks away and with Handmade items they are not mass produced and they take time and love to make.

Would love to hear your ideas for a handmade Christmas or things you do already for a Handmade (with love and purpose) Christmas, or if there is a skill or talent that you have that would make an awesome gift (feel free to post a link when you comment)!!

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  1. awesome idea.i just started too hahaha i just brought a crochet gift on etsy for a swap im in santa sack swap we need to make or buy 13 gifts...But while on etsy i looked through the handmade section and was wowed so if its not handmade by me then just handmade always nice to support others.I love christmas too never to early to start.

    recieved my block and its Perfect!


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