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Had a proud moment this morning that I just had to share. Just as we were heading out the door to school this morning- dressed for winter (it was freezing out) Master B handed me this wee bit of paper and also a blank one for me to write on.

"I am Ben Mum Dad"

This makes me so proud and also so pleased with his progress at school and also pleased with the work we put in at home. Us having read 2-3 books to the boys every night since they were small, going to the library every 2-3 weeks, having paper/colouring in books, pens, felts etc. available and also giving them the freedom of free play and having many options of play here at home. I love just how willing and open the boys are to learn and share with us their thoughts and stories and for us to encourage and appreciate every bit of paper the use to create something (even those scribbles). I am learning they are priceless and perfect and its so awesome to see Master B's progress with his writing and drawing.

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