busy weekend

The boys had a 4th birthday Party Invite so I quickly whipped up a large pouch for colouring book and pencils we had brought for the birthday.

deciding on colours
Colouring in book and pencils

finished pouch
Present complete with cards from Master W and Master B

I also went to the Encraftment Market  with a friend. It was fun looking around at at all the stalls- it was a shame it was sooo cold out! I brought a few things.

more fabric and new earrings

New collar for Sago.

We had lunch with friends with Sunday

some of our snacks

Master B ready to go into space

my boys in their space ship

The boys (Mr B) have been enjoying watching spacex and learning about space, rockets, astronauts- keeps them very entertained!

We are enjoying the warm windy weather- just hope it lasts!

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  1. Love Sago's collar! Pity there were no kitty ones, although the 'very small dog' ones would probably fit. Was the market still crazy busy when you went? Oh and clever pouch idea, makes the present extra special!


  2. It was crazy busy and we went early! I love her collar- I would have brought our cat one if they had been available! Thanks!! Hope you are having a great weekend :D

  3. Heehe I thought you might have made that collar! Busy weekend! Love that you can just "whip" up a present! x

  4. I am glad I can whip up a present...considering how late I left making it!! I am glad I brought the collar yesterday- its so cute and girly!

  5. The market was great! I went later in the day and it wasn't so out of control

  6. Miriam, did you buy anything while you were there?


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