bye 2011

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See you all next year in 2012!

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The gift of new friends!

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Just wanted to say a huge THANK YOU to a new friend for this book, and its awesome to meet another Christchurch blogger! Its so awesome to up-cycle and re purpose/ re gift things- I just really love this idea!

Make sure you check out her blog!!

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Enjoying the family

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Now that Christmas is finished and our tree is down. Since its not even the end of the month (we normally put it up the 1st December and take it down the 31st December) the tree was taken down because we were using the umbrella stand for our tree as the stand that came with the tree broke as we put the tree up. Its been really really hot here and we needed the umbrella up outside- bye bye tree see you next December. It was a great idea to use it for the tree- the tree stayed standing through the aftershocks!

Now we have spent the last few days outside enjoying the shade of the umbrella and admiring the garden and I have really loved having Mr B home and the boys playing so well together but also have had the boys with temperatures which isn't so fun!

Hydrangea's from our garden
Hydrangea's from our garden

Boys in the paddling pool cooling off

We took the boys into the center of town the other day- it was nice and quiet since it was before 10am!

I started working on some more Farmers Wife Quilt blocks- to add the 8 I had already made.

Blocks cut and in zip lock bags waiting to be sewn

Container of scraps

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It was a very Merry Christmas!

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Here are some photos to share from our Christmas

Master B & Master W Christmas morning

Our new hammock

Master B with his remote

Master W with his new bike and helmet

These are some pics of some gifts I made for friends and family now they have been gifted!
Quilt for Master B (back)

travel pouches for earnings/clips etc.

Inside pouches

Needle books

Inside needle books

Travel toy bags
Apple Coasters

Citrus Coasters

Patchwork coasters

We had a wonderful day with family and we have been enjoying the sunshine and trying to ignore aftershocks.

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More aftershocks

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Today we went to Westfield Riccarton in Kmart and at 1.58pm there was an 5.8 magnitude aftershock. This was of course followed by an afternoon with them- and even a 6.0 at 3.18pm.
You can view recent quakes from Geonet.
We are very thankful to be fine, house safe and stnading, still have running water, power etc and no liquefaction- and strangely everything feels still pretty "normal". We enjoyed the sunshine and ate dinner outside this evening.
Lets hope for a quiet next few days as we are getting close to Christmas!!! 2 more sleeps!!!

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Countdown to Christmas!

Its been busy here as we get ready for Christmas! Feels like a this month is going so fast!!

Here is our Christmas Tree

Tree with Tree skirt

Master W decorating the tree
Here is some photos of my Tree skirt I made

Finished with matching buttons

I made a table runner (more square than a runner) to fit our coffee table but looks cute on our dining table

Table runner

Master B making his card for a friend

Some decorations I made for the Advent pots

Our Advents pots

Day 7 with Decoration

The boys are really enjoying the advent pots- here is the list of whats in each pot (they are very much things our boys is age appropriate for them)

  1. Decorate the Christmas Tree
  2. Make snowflakes 
  3. Have a pancake breakfast
  4. Make biscuits to take to Christmas Party
  5. Make a Christmas card for a friend
  6. Make and decorate a ginger bread house
  7. Plant a new plant in the garden
  8. Play games as a family before bed
  9. Make muffins using Rudolph's nose (jaffas)
  10. Buy a gift for our cat and dog
  11. Have a family photo with Santa
  12. Go on a family night walk
  13. Have hot chocolate a read a Christmas book before bed
  14. Wraps presents for each other
  15. Read Luke 1- Christmas Story
  16. Read Luke 2:1-2
  17. Listen to Christmas music while eating breakfast
  18. Donate Food
  19. Donate toys
  20. Make Christmas biscuits and gift to others
  21. Visit Grotto
  22. Watch  a Christmas movie with Popcorn\
  23. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  24. Go to the 5pm Christmas eve service
  25. Celebrate Christmas Day!!

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