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Now that Christmas is finished and our tree is down. Since its not even the end of the month (we normally put it up the 1st December and take it down the 31st December) the tree was taken down because we were using the umbrella stand for our tree as the stand that came with the tree broke as we put the tree up. Its been really really hot here and we needed the umbrella up outside- bye bye tree see you next December. It was a great idea to use it for the tree- the tree stayed standing through the aftershocks!

Now we have spent the last few days outside enjoying the shade of the umbrella and admiring the garden and I have really loved having Mr B home and the boys playing so well together but also have had the boys with temperatures which isn't so fun!

Hydrangea's from our garden
Hydrangea's from our garden

Boys in the paddling pool cooling off

We took the boys into the center of town the other day- it was nice and quiet since it was before 10am!

I started working on some more Farmers Wife Quilt blocks- to add the 8 I had already made.

Blocks cut and in zip lock bags waiting to be sewn

Container of scraps

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  1. hi - so nice to meet another Chch blogger!! I love all your Christmas crafty making and your advent activities list - LOVE!


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