Photo Friday


New winter slippers. Happy Friday!

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Postal stash rehash

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I came across a stash rehash post that caught my eye....and it sounded really simple- just a few simple rules like- live in NZ, everything is clean and not a half started project you want to get rid of and post it before the 30th June.

I was in- gotta love getting post and new exciting fabric and posting fabric to someone else is always fun.

I have posted my parcel and received my package the post.

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lots of paint

One thing my boys really enjoying is painting.... good paper and two enthusiastic boys + paint = fun!

I am very glad I put down large amounts of paper on the table

They are so good together painting. They had to wait and share the paint brushes and the colours.

Such an easy afternoon activity and of course now I have plenty of original art work on our fridge.
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Photo Friday


Its always nice sitting inside and being warm while hand stitching hexagons. Happy Friday!

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the wonders of dominoes

We have always had dominoes in our games cupboard but never really understood how to play. We have a basic animal version the boys use to match the animals which then makes long roads around the house.

Master W asked if we could makes the dominoes fall over..... and of course this sounded like great fun!

I figured out to leave gaps so they don't all topple over while building

And of course you can do more than just make them fall over. We built shapes with them and tall towers.

It was great fun!
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Ironing board cover complete!

Ironing Board Swap

I made a cover for my swap partner Lisa . She sent me her template and I was very glad to have some guidance for colour ideas I'm a colour lover and love many colours but my favourite are- Pink,aqua,yellow,green,blue's and I don't mind reds. And some things she doesn't like dark gloomy colours or granny looking colours!

I choose some fabric. I went bold, modern and fun!

I added 3'' around the pattern 

sewing on red binding

It was fun to make this cover for Lisa. Excited to get my cover in the post. Happy ironing Lisa!

You can check out all the other ironing boards being swapped here.
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Photo Friday

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The wonders and fun of a box. Happy Friday!

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did you know- 10 things about me

I came across other bloggers who have recently done their very own lists - Nin and Clare. Feeling like I could write 10 things about myself here's my own list....

  1. Grew up in South Auckland and then moved to Christchurch when I was 15 years old with my family.
  2. I prefer to eat my cereal in a cup with a tea spoon.
  3. Detest the taste of tea or any type of favoured water.
  4. I had my belly button pierced when I was 16 (big ouch and yes it got infected and the plasters for the infection gave me a terrible rash)
  5. I did Marching for 6 years in Auckland and was pretty good at it (might even share a few photos at a later date)
  6. Would like to move somewhere warmer for 3 months over winter- love being warm and tropical!
  7. If I could eat garlic bread every night with dinner I totally would.
  8. Can't remember the last time (in the last 7 years) paying full price for an item of clothing for myself.
  9. At Starbucks I will order a Grande white chocolate mocha frappuccino no cream.
  10. I dated Mr B for 9 months before he proposed and then we got married 3 months later on our one year anniversary.
There you have it one list that took longer than I thought and nothing overly exciting. Just a list of random things about me :D
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Pumpkin Soup for winter

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With the weather now officially winter making an easy and quick batch of pumpkin soup is a great dinner for hungry boys! All the ingredients can be adjusted to how much you have on hand and its open to you adding more vegetables to the soup. I use this recipe every time and I have never had it fail.

Pumpkin Soup
5-6 carrots diced
3-4 onions diced
bunch of celery diced
1 leek diced
4-6 cups of vegetable stock (if you have more vegetables add more stock)
1 large pumpkin skin cut off and diced
50g butter or a touch of oil
salt and pepper

In a large stock pot place butter, diced carrots, onions, celery, leeks 

Cook on a low/medium heat till onions are clear and vegetables are soft. 
Season with salt and pepper

Add pumpkin

Add Stock- just enough to cover the vegetables

Place lid on pot and bring to the boil for 10 minutes, turn down to a low heat and let it simmer for 1/2 hour

Cool soup and blend. (Stick mix or blender work well)

This soup can be frozen in containers for a few months easily reheated for a quick and yummy dinner

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Photo Friday


Enjoying the winter- when the sun comes out! Happy Friday!

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Ironing board cover

I signed up for an Ironing board cover swap. Excited for my sad looking ironing board to get a new cover!

Ironing Board Swap 
I sent Lisa a template of my Ironing board

and received hers in the post- hooray for post!

I found a few tutorials for Ironing board covers here and here and here so with all that information and clear instructions.

Now to choose fabric and start creating a new Ironing board cover for my swap partner.......

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