Ironing board cover

I signed up for an Ironing board cover swap. Excited for my sad looking ironing board to get a new cover!

Ironing Board Swap 
I sent Lisa a template of my Ironing board

and received hers in the post- hooray for post!

I found a few tutorials for Ironing board covers here and here and here so with all that information and clear instructions.

Now to choose fabric and start creating a new Ironing board cover for my swap partner.......

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  1. Isn't it such a fun swap
    My ironing board cover is completely awful
    SO looking forward to a new one

  2. Whoop - glad you guys are underway! I'm being extremely slow ... hopefully I'll get there in the next couple of weeks! Looking forward to seeing your covers :)


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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