Happy 9th Birthday!

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Monkey Moo. You are 9 today! I feel like you are no longer my baby, and its wonderful to see you growing into a lovely handsome young man.

You still very much love hugs and quiet time

and of course pulling silly faces

you have a very strong will and so much determination.

You really enjoy getting your hair cut once you get a "man bun" aka can tie your hair up on your head with my hair ties

Donuts are a favourite food

We now have a pretty impressive rock collection

I love that we can sit with you and colour in for hours

You still love the water and wearing t shirt and shorts all year round is your clothing of choice

I love this photo!

and we appreciate all your inquisitive questions about life and your concern for others.

I couldn't image our family with out our wee tropical storm

you love to travel and of course teddy still comes too!

We are so impressed with your football skills, you have not given up when it got tough and its great for you to see results when you give it 100%

You are still Master B's baby brother but you are nearly as tall as him and have bigger feet than him.

Monkey Moo we love you to the moon and back in Jokers low rider!

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