feeling proud

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Had a proud moment this morning that I just had to share. Just as we were heading out the door to school this morning- dressed for winter (it was freezing out) Master B handed me this wee bit of paper and also a blank one for me to write on.

"I am Ben Mum Dad"

This makes me so proud and also so pleased with his progress at school and also pleased with the work we put in at home. Us having read 2-3 books to the boys every night since they were small, going to the library every 2-3 weeks, having paper/colouring in books, pens, felts etc. available and also giving them the freedom of free play and having many options of play here at home. I love just how willing and open the boys are to learn and share with us their thoughts and stories and for us to encourage and appreciate every bit of paper the use to create something (even those scribbles). I am learning they are priceless and perfect and its so awesome to see Master B's progress with his writing and drawing.

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busy weekend

The boys had a 4th birthday Party Invite so I quickly whipped up a large pouch for colouring book and pencils we had brought for the birthday.

deciding on colours
Colouring in book and pencils

finished pouch
Present complete with cards from Master W and Master B

I also went to the Encraftment Market  with a friend. It was fun looking around at at all the stalls- it was a shame it was sooo cold out! I brought a few things.

more fabric and new earrings

New collar for Sago.

We had lunch with friends with Sunday

some of our snacks

Master B ready to go into space

my boys in their space ship

The boys (Mr B) have been enjoying watching spacex and learning about space, rockets, astronauts- keeps them very entertained!

We are enjoying the warm windy weather- just hope it lasts!

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Photo Friday

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listed on felt

Hope your having a happy Friday and feeling more motivated than me!

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the weeks happenings

Over the weekend the temperature had started to get a little on the cold and frosty side. We ventured out into town wearing jackets, hats and mittens to see what other buildings had been demolished since we last visited.

Cashel Street

Boys watching cranes

we found a large pile of leaves!

my family 

such a familiar sight

For me it was sad to see more of town gone and lots of vacant lots. It makes it hard to remember what once was there. The Crowne Plaza (was corner of Kilmore/Durham Street) is now just a big pile heaped of rubble with a digger parked on top. We had stayed one wedding anniversary and for me in the front of it where there was a large garden with a clock in it where Mr B proposed in 2006 - that too now is piled high with rubble and stones. The wonderful thing is we still have those memories even if the place is no longer the same.

Since it has been getting colder the last few weeks It was time that I made Master W a new wheat bag (Master B vomited on his old one last year and it accidently went through the wash and then got binned) so it was time for a new one with a removable cover and since I was already making one I made myself a new one where the wheat doesn't smell roasted (I had accidently put it in the microwave without a cup of water)...opps!

our wheat bags

my wheat bag- envelope opening

Master W's one

On Sunday night Mr B made dinner for our monthly date night and he made Caesar Salad and Lemon Meriange Pie. It was so nice to get the boys off to bed and have dinner alone to enjoy a movie and yummy food...the only problem is that it was over 2 hours past our normal dinner time and you end up so hungry!!

Since my wrist still isn't 100% better (have another physio appointment next week) I thought I would make a start on a project I dont need to finish till December. I choose my fabrics today for my Christmas Quilt.

Christmas fabrics

Hexagon quilt is slowly growing

I am excited to start making the Christmas quilt. But first I need to make a start on May's Craftsy Block of the month now I have some more fabric in the range I am using.

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Photo Friday

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flowers from my garden

Enjoying the sunshine today! Happy Friday!
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a new top

I found this tutorial and I had some grey jersey knit sitting in my fabric box that I picked up at an op shop a while ago for under $1 a perfect amount for a slouchy fitted top! I have a top already in my drawer but I find the length the be shorter than I would like it to be.

my basic shape cut

This was a super quick make taking less than 2 hours including over locking, adding cuffs, making a label and double stitching the hem and the neck and it fits perfectly!

finished product

I added cuffs
me wearing it (photo taken by Master B)

My label

I made a few changes when making the top
  • I used a slouchy top I already had that fit for the basic shape no less guess work
  • I didn't cut an extra band- just made the top length longer and stitched in a hem
  • I didn't leave the sleeves open and baggy- I added my own cuffs using off cuts of the fabric
  • I didn't add binding for the neck, just added an extra inch around the neck folded over twice and top stitched.
This was super easy and want to make more in different colours!!

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Modern Sampler Bee- Blocks Complete

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I have completed my six blocks for the Modern Sampler Bee.

Here are all my finished blocks! Found my pattern here

Leonie Blue/Green/Pink/Yellow - White

Angelique Pink/Green/Purple - Cream or Natural

Debra Pink/Green/Red - White or Grey

Myself Bright Rainbow- Surprise Me 

Naomi Purple/Aqua/Pink - White

 Lisa  Bright Rainbow- Surprise Me

All 6 blocks

They will be in the post this week!!

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bunting season - part two

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Hooray!!! The bunting quilt is finished! Here are some before photos. I really enjoy how playful this quilt is and I'm now feeling proud that I hand stitched the binding- this quilt now has a new home.


The finished size of the quilt is 1.42m wide x 2.10m long. Batting is 100% cotton.

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My Mothers Day

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Today is Mothers Day. I was very spoilt. Got cards from the boys and 2 new lego minifigures- a bride and a geek and a very cool clock that needs to find a home on our kitchen wall.

I wore my newly made slippers when I got up this morning

and very glad the sun is shining today while we take the boys for a walk.

Me and Master W

Me and Master B

I am very blessed to have such wonderful boys!!

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Photo Friday

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Bunting quilt ready for its new home!
Hope you have a great Friday :D

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With me now being in my mid 20's and having my own family- now more than ever do I realise how important friends are and the roles they play in my life but as well as my children. One thing I love about being a mum is the relationships you make with others from school and preschool drop offs, meetings at supermarkets and cafe's, coffee groups etc. Being relational I think it what women do best.

Craft night and coffee groups are my example of where women come together and share their experiences and not feel like they have to hide a bad day, can complain, can ask for advice and more than happy to lend a hand or even being comfortable to ask and even feel happy to share in the happy/win moments in life- like the small victory this week Master B eating carrots and peas happily off his plate without them being mashed into potatoes!

I asked a friend who is more skilled than I if she had some time to crochet me a hat. I had brought some felted wool back in October last year when we went away and last night she finished an awesome hat for me. Perfect for wearing to school on cold mornings.

my new hat!
I know with friendships there are seasons, seasons that you barely get the time to catch up- then you catch up and like its been no time at all. Friends are worth the time and energy and the give and take that goes with it and the advice given and received. They are important for me cause I don't think Mr B really wants to hear all that I have to say about some subjects nor do I expect him to understand what crochet terms mean and what colour I should choose for quilts or what carrot cake recipe works better. Here is where the expertise and opinions of friends helps!

Being that its Mothers Day on Sunday its a reminder for me about all that my mum does for me- every call for help, advice on baking and other things, washing, showers, place to call in for a coffee and chat, being around for my children and it reminds me of my friends and also being aware to love others and have compassion and sympathy and helping because as a mum myself you can't do life alone. Others are in our lives for the laughs, good times and bad. Friends get us through those days you feel like nothing is working and are our sounding boards when a stain just wont come out of our favourite top!

Maybe this week you can do something for a friend.

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my weekend

I started crocheting slippers for myself. This is also a task on my 30 before 30 list- this would be number 3. Learn to read a crochet pattern and make myself slippers

This here is the pattern I am using- they are adorable!!

left- crocheted on size 5 1/2 hook and right size 2.5 hook 
I started my practice one on a size 2.5 hook- the size I use for crocheting peggy square baby blankets

This last photo shows the colour better. I brought the wool from Sew Pretty its 8ply 100% wool. They are both 80% done, the need the edges around to be done and to decide on a co-ordinationg colour. I have found the second one is a fraction smaller now that i have figured out what I'm doing and more confident with tension.

In between crocheting I made these for a friends baby shower. They are for friends and family at the baby shower to write an encouraging note or words of wisdom to the soon to be parents. Because the baby shower is gender neutral I went with lots of colours for the little onesies shape and plain white buttons.

I had first made this for a friends baby shower for her first son and she had them strung up with tiny pegs and ribbon in her son's room as a decoration.

The bunting quilt is also coming along...binding is being cut so out comes the iron....hoping to get it finished in the next few days. First the washing needs to be done as Master B needs a clean uniform for school tomorrow. Here's to a productive afternoon!

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