my weekend

I started crocheting slippers for myself. This is also a task on my 30 before 30 list- this would be number 3. Learn to read a crochet pattern and make myself slippers

This here is the pattern I am using- they are adorable!!

left- crocheted on size 5 1/2 hook and right size 2.5 hook 
I started my practice one on a size 2.5 hook- the size I use for crocheting peggy square baby blankets

This last photo shows the colour better. I brought the wool from Sew Pretty its 8ply 100% wool. They are both 80% done, the need the edges around to be done and to decide on a co-ordinationg colour. I have found the second one is a fraction smaller now that i have figured out what I'm doing and more confident with tension.

In between crocheting I made these for a friends baby shower. They are for friends and family at the baby shower to write an encouraging note or words of wisdom to the soon to be parents. Because the baby shower is gender neutral I went with lots of colours for the little onesies shape and plain white buttons.

I had first made this for a friends baby shower for her first son and she had them strung up with tiny pegs and ribbon in her son's room as a decoration.

The bunting quilt is also coming along...binding is being cut so out comes the iron....hoping to get it finished in the next few days. First the washing needs to be done as Master B needs a clean uniform for school tomorrow. Here's to a productive afternoon!

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  1. I am about to make these right now for my sister's shower :)
    I had this pinned on Pinterest meaning to come back to do this for her. Thanks for the great idea!!

  2. Did you cut all the onesies by hand? They look perfect! I want to do the same for my daughter's shower. Please advise. Thanks!

  3. I used scrapbooking cardstock and a craft knife. Just find a template/draw an outline of a onesie and replicate. Super simple to stick a small button on each.


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