Happy 10th Birthday!

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Master B you are 10 today!

You are now a decade old

You still have a very determined spirit

but also very easy going and not too worried about much

You would much rather spend your time in the library than on the football field.

I admire your perseverance 

and how the simple things like paper planes bring you such joy

I'm still having to sneak in hugs where I can

Family time is very important to you

but also having time along is good for you to recharge

You and Master B are like two peas in a pod

and so much like Mr B at the same time

I am so proud of you this past year, school is thankfully getting easier.

Our family photos are still awesome

and I'm very glad we take as many photos as we can

so I can remember every moment and every silly face.

Amongst the rush and the chaos you have taught me so much patience and love

You are my monkey moo and we wish you a very Happy Birthday!!!!

and we love you to the moon and back in a blue x-wing 

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