Happy 9th Birthday

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Master B today you are 9!

I feel like I blinked and now you are another year older

Your love of lego has increased ten fold (and yes we brought you more for your birthday)

You are so determined and stubborn which I'm sure will pay off when you need a job

The moments when you play so well with Master W make me smile

You love any playground we visit 

I think you would be in the water every second of every day if you could be

You have finally made the transition away from needing your moose 

but I'm happy he can now can live on Mum and Dad's bed

Your glasses are doing a great job to help with your reading and writing

I think they make you look so grown up

You love to read and quietly come and listen when ever anyone is reading aloud

You always want to give something a go even if you are not too sure

You play a great game of chess

I love the funny photos I find on the camera

our family photos always make me laugh

Happy 9th Birthday Master B

We love you to the moon in back in a mystery machine xxx

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