where I am right now - February 22nd 2016

Making : a Polaroid quilt for a friend 

Cooking : delicious dinners from Chelsea Winter's cook books

Drinking : water

Reading: the magic faraway tree to the boys each night

Wanting: the summer evening glow all year round

Looking: forward to friends coming to stay

Playing: in the water at the Margaret Mahy playground 

Deciding: on where to store our growing cicada collection

Wishing: we could be at the beach every day

Enjoying: ice cream with Mr B on 30 degree days

Waiting: for the next date night with Mr B

Liking: my new pergola and festoon lights

Wondering: what to grow up the new pergola

Loving: quality time with the family

Considering: a haircut 

Watching: people enjoy the fun spaces in the city

Hoping: to get more peaches off our trees before the bugs and birds get them

Marvelling: at how much the boys have grown in the past 5 years

Needing: to finish hand quilting the quilt

Smelling: gladioli from my garden

Wearing: jandals

Following: geonet 

Noticing: how fast my garden has grown

Knowing: we have been through so many earthquakes and still relatively sane

Thinking: about how to Project Life this year

Feeling: glad we have so many photos of our family

Admiring: how well the boys play together

Buying: all things star wars

Getting: excited Master B will be 9 in 5 days

Bookmarking: recipes for tomatoes 

Opening: the fridge a zillion times a day for cold water

Giggling: at the word cliff - as the boys were saying it as clift for a while

Feeling: thankful we can remember

You can find the list here
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  1. I enjoyed reading this xxx know we all remember xxx much love

  2. Your garden looks amazing! Most impressive x


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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