Photo Friday

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String Block finished
Enjoying the last days of March!
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a good bargain

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Crafting has come to a stop *sad face*

The physio has tapped my thumb and wrist so I can't bend/move my right thumb for the next few days. Its a good thing I an type with my left hand (and make coffee). I have angry tendons and sad muscles in my arm and wrist. I was magically hoping for it to be better and no pain for the physio visit. Sadly not. Still have pain and now not much use of my right hand.

I did get to an op shop with Master W. I enjoy a good find. All the things I found were for the boys. I would have spent more time looking but with one hand its a bit limiting. Mr B is glad it was only $8 I spent. But you can never have too many books and the bowling set we can play with on a family games night.

op shop buys

awesome books

Master W with teddys new carrier

fits teddy perfectly!

Now the boys have some new exciting things to play with and good timing too since the weather is overcast and cool at the moment.

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the sun came out

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Over the weekend the sun came out. We have had a pretty sad summer this year so far.

We headed to the beach with the Boys and Sago. Sago had a blast- this being her first time to the beach. She loved the seagulls and of course every other person who had taken their dog that day. She surprisingly didn't mind the water.

us playing in the water

boys eating hot cross buns for lunch

Mr B and Sago

We had time to admire all the hard work that we put into our garden last weekend. Mr B did the lawns for me cause my wrist and arm are still sore *insert sad face*

doing puzzles in the sunshine

Boys and their new mode of transport

In my stubbornness I got 2 more dolls made and another one needs stuffing and hand stitching. I'm not too shabby sewing with my left hand with my machine. My my wrist and arm are still sore *insert sad face* back to resting it and typing only using my left hand.

I just listed these on felt- check them out they are all needing new homes :D Hope you are having a great week!
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feeling frustrated.

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argh! The weekend being productive wasn't good for my wrist. After being in pain over the week I made an appointment to see a physiotherapist. The pain in my wrist seems to be from using it too much and there is also pain in my arm and elbow. arg! I have a pressure bandage on, more to remind me not to use at this stage. Rest is what the physio has suggested and I made another appointment to go back next week......sure does make it hard to do anything with one hand- let alone using my left hand for the simplest things like teeth brushing and holding a cup and typing.

The pile of crafty things I started and want to finish will have to wait.

On a happier note I was productive the other day trying to ignore my sore's few dolls quilts I got finished.

More dolls quilts ready to be made

Master W got the hang of stitching. The hoop really helped

Craftsy Block- February's Chunky Chevron

February's blocks complete...finally!

Have 6 dolls cut out and waiting to be sewn

Better get back to resting and trying to not think about all the things I could be doing! Lets hope this is a quick fix and resting works a treat and I'm back to my normal self soon.

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Photo Friday

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Dolls Quilts listed here needing a home
Happy Friday!
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Scrap bag swap

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My scrap bag swap parcel arrived!

Master B loved the box

It arrived from wombatspicnic. Its always exciting to get a parcel sitting on your front door when you get home.

even all the packaging was pretty

all the scraps 

beautiful detail on the front of the bag

I sent off scraps to stitcherynz and here is a photo of the bag I made for the Scrap Bag Swap

I am excited to start making things with all my scraps!!!

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my semi productive week

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Last week I felt like I barely touched the sewing machine. Did plenty of cutting and planning.

templates for the dolls using baking paper

dresses for the doll I made here

my work station

The weekends weather was glorious so we got stuck into the garden and laid down pea straw on the whole garden. I was feeling really discouraged with our garden after this happened last year after we had just got the garden in order and laid pea straw. So after waiting and deliberating we got stuck in!

half of the pea straw left from Saturday

Here are some before and after photos of two places in our garden

February 22nd 2011

March 19th 2012

February 22nd 2011

March 19th 2012

Last night I quickly made up a reward chart for the boys to encourage personal responsibility. I cut out some pictures from magazines for each task since Master W can't yet read and Master B is learning to read- so we incorporated words and pictures. I brought some round magnets and placed star stickers in each column for the magnets to be placed on top. Today has started well, hopefully their excitement for using it continues!

Jobs chart for Master B and Master W

And I am excited.....I just signed on to be a part of this months 3 x 6 Modern Sampler Bee - Round 2 - BeeHive 2 click here or here or here to see some of Round 1's blocks! I am excited to get started!

Here's to a productive week!!
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Photo Friday

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Look what I made. Check her out at felt She needs a  home :D

Happy Friday!!
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Craftsy Block of the month

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February's blocks are running a little behind....

Here is the Bulkan Puzzle Block. I am still using fabric from  Jules Davis- Garden of delights

Bulkan Puzzle

Chunky Chevron Block is looking like this.....

(insert sad face) The print square blocks are too small by 1/4 inch- not sure what happened. So I need to find some of that blue print fabric so I can cut the squares to 4'' to be the same size as the other squares so everything will line up and be perfect!

Now that my other fabric arrived I can use the other 3 prints from The garden of delights range for my March blocks.

Jules Davis- Garden of Delights
If you want to check it out Craftsy and also photos of blocks other people have made you can find it here
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Its my day today!

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Its my birthday!!
I found this label on a pkt of hot cross buns

I woke this morning to breakfast in bed and gifts. Master B and Master W helped to open the wrapping paper. Master B wanted to open my lego and play with it!

My new lego sets

We dropped the boys off to my parents for the day and I spent the day with Mr B at the Flower Show

Me with Mr B

Really cool garden shaped like Canterbury  and has an airport

Loved this garden!

want this gate

Metal Flowers

I really enjoyed seeing so many beautiful flowers and gardens. I am feeling inspired to get stuck into my garden.

Mr B brought Chocolate mud cake

Me and my boys before bed
I had an awesome birthday- its always nice to do things you wouldn't normally do like be child free for a few hours, eat lunch out with Mr B, have a roast for dinner and of course have birthday cake and the best part was the boys singing me Happy Birthday!! 
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