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argh! The weekend being productive wasn't good for my wrist. After being in pain over the week I made an appointment to see a physiotherapist. The pain in my wrist seems to be from using it too much and there is also pain in my arm and elbow. arg! I have a pressure bandage on, more to remind me not to use at this stage. Rest is what the physio has suggested and I made another appointment to go back next week......sure does make it hard to do anything with one hand- let alone using my left hand for the simplest things like teeth brushing and holding a cup and typing.

The pile of crafty things I started and want to finish will have to wait.

On a happier note I was productive the other day trying to ignore my sore wrist...here's few dolls quilts I got finished.

More dolls quilts ready to be made

Master W got the hang of stitching. The hoop really helped

Craftsy Block- February's Chunky Chevron

February's blocks complete...finally!

Have 6 dolls cut out and waiting to be sewn

Better get back to resting and trying to not think about all the things I could be doing! Lets hope this is a quick fix and resting works a treat and I'm back to my normal self soon.

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