the sun came out

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Over the weekend the sun came out. We have had a pretty sad summer this year so far.

We headed to the beach with the Boys and Sago. Sago had a blast- this being her first time to the beach. She loved the seagulls and of course every other person who had taken their dog that day. She surprisingly didn't mind the water.

us playing in the water

boys eating hot cross buns for lunch

Mr B and Sago

We had time to admire all the hard work that we put into our garden last weekend. Mr B did the lawns for me cause my wrist and arm are still sore *insert sad face*

doing puzzles in the sunshine

Boys and their new mode of transport

In my stubbornness I got 2 more dolls made and another one needs stuffing and hand stitching. I'm not too shabby sewing with my left hand with my machine. My my wrist and arm are still sore *insert sad face* back to resting it and typing only using my left hand.

I just listed these on felt- check them out they are all needing new homes :D Hope you are having a great week!
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