Photo Friday

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enjoying the late afternoon sun

Getting excited about the month of December fast approaching! Happy Friday!
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Paper Craft- City Scene

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We are using the book 365 Things to do with Paper and Cardboard we borrowed from the library to find inspiration while using paper. We have drawn cats and now we are doing a city scene

We are using things from around the house- scrapbooking paper, magazine and plain white paper.

We stuck 3 A4 pages together and using the the book as inspiration we started cutting, sticking and drawing.

cutting house shapes

our houses
I made a few houses and an apple tree and Master B made a banana tree (adorable)

banana tree with bird house

train and tunnel

It was fun creating a city scene and the great thing about using a magazine is you have so many options for text images it makes for interesting building colours and patterns. These have been great quiet activities and wonderful watching Master B's imagination grow!
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Rainbow stripe quilt is done!

The Rainbow Stripe quilt has come together and is now complete. After many hours of sewing and hand stitching, all the decision making on colour arrangements this rainbow quilt now has a new home. Home now to one very precious and much loved little girl.

30+ meters of fabric 2 1/2 inches wide

hand stitching in cream

I am so thankful this quilt has a new home. A rainbow quilt for a rainbow baby girl.
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Photo Friday

needle books
So excited I made it to Felt's 2012 Gift Guide- Gifts for Crafty & Creative Types. Happy Friday!
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Paper Crafts- Colour by numbers

I came across this E is for Elephant activity page in Google Reader the other day from a blogger I follow and thought it would be perfect as a quiet activity for the boys to do together. The great thing was it's something that allows Master B to read and work by numbers and great for encouraging Master W that he can also participate and complete a task like his big brother.

We printed out two copies and also found a Elmer in the snow book from the op shop for 25c!

E is for Elephant pdf here

It was really enjoyable for me watching, helping and encouraging the boys finding all the numbers they need.There were also a few nice moments of the boys sharing colouring pencils and telling each other how nice Elmer was looking.

They were both very concentrated

They both have such adorable little hands

They are nearly complete

inspecting the finished product

Master B's masterpiece 

Master W's Masterpiece
They both did so well! Elmer was such a fun elephant to colour in!
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Christmas Card time

We are having a handmade Christmas this year. Its time to start thinking about getting all our Christmas Cards in the post. I do really like the cards I have made this year and even more exciting I have matching gift tags.

It all came together and now they are done!

cards and gift tags

a nice stack of cards
Now to write them and put them in the post!

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Photo Friday

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Enjoying a long relaxing weekend. Its Show weekend here in Canterbury. Happy Friday!
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Advent Swap


I joined the Advent Swap for 2012. It is being organised by Cat. I am excited as I send 24 small gifts and one larger gift on Christmas day to my swap partner and I receive gifts in return!. One to open every day. Its a good thing I like to swap and get post- so exciting!

Here are the basic rules...

The idea of this swap is to buy, make, thrift or share 24 little gifts with your partner to open each day of the Advent to Christmas and one larger present for her to open on Christmas morning. 

  • Ideas include- Craft items; new or from your stash  
  • Books / Patterns / Magazines
  • Chocolates / Sweets / Edible goodies.
  • Bath Treats; Bath Bombs, Bubble Bath, Soaps etc.
  • Samples of Products 
Deadline to ship is the 20th November 2012

My swap partner is Fay and the awesome thing is I already follow her blog so it was handy to get more information as to her likes and dislikes. I started wrapping up all the things and am getting ready to post.

Wrapping paper, bubble wrap and twine

Items getting wrapped up

So excited to get this away in the post in a few days. If you want to see what another Advent swap items are you can check it out here. Hope everyone is having fun swapping!!

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Paper Craft- Cats

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We borrowed the book - 365 Things to do with Paper and Cardboard from the library.

I have been encouraging both boys to be involved and take part in craft and be creative and its been great to see them use materials and not feel like that have to use a pattern and just have fun.

Master B is naturally very crafty and will sit down and make things from anything he can get his hands on!

Master B made a box with a handle

Master W like to watch and copy anything I am doing. I have now invested in two small hoops so they can both be doing something at the same time.

Master W's stitching project

I sat down with Master B and we looked at the pictures and using what we had around the house (glue stick and small paper squares) and we made paper cats.

two finished cats

Master B's 3 perfect finished cats

my finished cats

It was really fun and quick activity ripping paper and making cats. We are thinking about ordering this book or something very similar as a Christmas gift! Looking forward to doing another page from the book soon!

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Photo Friday

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Its awesome to see the beautiful flowers we have in our garden! Happy Friday
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Christmas Quilt

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Its November so I have made a start on my Christmas quilt. I had brought the main fabric colours I plan to use a while ago now but I am still trying to figure out how it will all work with the embroidered blocks I am doing.

I found some inspiration for my blocks from here and made a start on the blocks to go in the quilt

and I had this book arrive ( its awesome to get post)  - Made in France - Cross Stitch and Embriodary in red, white and blue

and it has the most beautiful cross stitch ideas and embriodary patterns.......great inspiration. So excited to see how this quilt will work its self out from what I have in mind and what it will actually look like!

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Christmas Encraftment application

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I applied for the Christmas Encraftment Market- Latimer Square 14th December 5-8pm and 15th December 10am-3pm.

My application was with Les Pommes Rouges who I did the last market here with and it went really well. I printed out photos of some of the items I have made for the other markets and thankfully I had photos from all the things I have listed on felt.

The market information is here. Now that I got accepted (excited) with Les Pommes Rouges we are sharing a stall again. Its time to get sewing!

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Photo Friday

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my drawing with Master W

I found another use for our dud baking paper (I also use it for pattern making)! I had a great time drawing with Master W while we eat lunch. Happy Friday!
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