Paper Crafts- Colour by numbers

I came across this E is for Elephant activity page in Google Reader the other day from a blogger I follow and thought it would be perfect as a quiet activity for the boys to do together. The great thing was it's something that allows Master B to read and work by numbers and great for encouraging Master W that he can also participate and complete a task like his big brother.

We printed out two copies and also found a Elmer in the snow book from the op shop for 25c!

E is for Elephant pdf here

It was really enjoyable for me watching, helping and encouraging the boys finding all the numbers they need.There were also a few nice moments of the boys sharing colouring pencils and telling each other how nice Elmer was looking.

They were both very concentrated

They both have such adorable little hands

They are nearly complete

inspecting the finished product

Master B's masterpiece 

Master W's Masterpiece
They both did so well! Elmer was such a fun elephant to colour in!
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