Christmas Card time

We are having a handmade Christmas this year. Its time to start thinking about getting all our Christmas Cards in the post. I do really like the cards I have made this year and even more exciting I have matching gift tags.

It all came together and now they are done!

cards and gift tags

a nice stack of cards
Now to write them and put them in the post!

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  1. They look great! Last year I made some handmade cards, this year I don't think I'm going to have time.

  2. Fay, I start them in September/October each year otherwise I would never have the time!

  3. They look so cool and simple. Where do you get the imprinting from? what thickness of card do you use?

  4. I used a cuttlebug die (embossing) and just standard card stock.

  5. Oh Treena-Marie these are fab
    I'm very new to the art of card/tag making but must admit I do enjoy - my first attempt was for the card/tags on my Advent Swap parcels for Leonie (OZ)


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