Photo Friday

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Pyrex dishes

An awesome op shop find! Happy Friday!
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the gift of giving...

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As a family this year we are filling boxes as Christmas gifts for other children. Samaritan's purse has a project called Operation Christmas Child and here is a link to fb with more information.

empty box

Boy/Girl boxes

I have started filling my two boxes and also asked my craft group that I have weekly if they have something they want to contribute using the suggestions to the boxes. I have also sent two boxes to Mr B's work place and challenging them to get on board and participate in this gift of giving. I hope that we can get 4 boxes filled and these are a blessing to children who are less fortunate than ours and this gift will make a difference to them at Christmas!

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bunting pillow cases

I have made a bunting quilt and was asked if there was a way I could make matching pillowcases.

bunting quilt

I used plain cream pillow cases and using the same fabrics from the original quilt (taking photos makes remembering what fabrics I used the easy part) and using the same 5'' triangle template as the quilt I cut more triangles from the fabric

I have been asked how I make my triangle templates so here is a few pictures to show you how.

measure out 5'' square

on one side measure and mark half way 

join up the corners

cut out template

This is really easy to do and also if you want smaller or larger triangles you just adjust the first square measurement. Easy!!

And here are the pillow cases

bunting pillowcase

matching pillow cases

I do enjoy how simple this was to sew up the pillow cases with triangles and just how quickly you can take plain cream pillow cases and make them looked loved!

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Round 3 blocks

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I started round 3's blocks  and I am making progress....slowly

The plan is to have them all finished and Ironed and in the post by next week!!

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Photo Friday

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such happy fabrics!

Happy Friday- lets hope I get some sewing done for the market in a few weeks!!!

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its arrived at my house....

Travelling Stash Box has come to my house- Its awesome to get a delivery of craft stuff!! It all started here

The basic idea is you receive the box and take and replace something from the box and then post it to the next person. It feels a little like being a child in a candy store opening the box....

so many ideas for projects and a few fabrics I like the look of....

loving these fabrics!

Off the box goes to the next letterbox in the week to- Sophie once i figure out how to get it all back in the box minus the few things I have taken and replaced!
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Spring Swapsy

I posted a in July that I was keen for a Spring Swapsy and I had a few women want to be a part of the Spring Swapsy

Since all of the people taking part in the swap where from Christchurch we got together for an evening of swapping and chatting- it was awesome!!

Here is what I gave to Miriam

and this is what I received- Thanks Holly

Thanks again ladies- Holly, Miriam, Sophie, Amy for an awesome Spring Swapsy and I'm excited to make something with all my goodies and excited to see what you do with all yours!

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Photo Friday

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I've been making a few things for the market  in October. Exciting!

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baby bunting

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I had a request to make a Rainbow bunting for a baby shower.

Using the card stock I had already had and borrowing pink paper (in a house fill of boys we don't really use pink paper) from a friend during a craft evening. I got the bunting all cut...laid out and made in less than 2 hours. I found some awesome letters that I can use for scrapbooking and look nice and clean and easy to read for the bunting.

After deciding about colour placement of all the triangles and noticing I needed to start at the end and work backwards. Once all the letters were stuck on and then attaching the triangle shapes to the ribbon....I do really like how it turned out!!

Perfect for baby shower and as a cool decoration in a baby's room.
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I started Round 3's blocks

I have made a start on my Round 3 Modern Sampler Block Swap.
Here are the photos of the Round 2 blocks I made and posted.


The plan is to do something similar to this block

Craftsy Block of the month

Better get hand sewing so these blocks will be ready in time to be posted before the end of September!
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Photo Friday


We got to experience as a family an amazing show of lightening and thunder followed by hail this week!
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cards for Christmas

We are having a Handmade Christmas this year.

I brought card stock and new stamps, brads, cuttlebug embossing die, ink.....

my collection of things

This is what I have so far...

gift tags

card colour choices 

Excited to start putting it all together!

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Fathers Day

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Last year Fathers Day was the 1 year anniversary of the 7.1 earthquake. Thankfully this year was very quiet and we got to spend the day as a family. Master W kindly already told everyone at dinner earlier in the week what we brought Dad for Fathers saved on the wrapping paper!

We had a great day and I am so proud of Mr B for being such a wonderful dad to our boys!
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The Sisterhood ninja baking drop

The Sisterhood  has organised a Ninja baking drop. I offered to bake for 4 women. Nominations were open to anyone who wanted to send some love to someone else! I received in the post the Sisterhood poem and some ribbon to attach to the baking. I received 4 nominees to deliver to over the 1st-2nd September.

Baking biscuits

I made a few batches of biscuits and got them packaged up with the ribbon and poem.


It was a real challenge to be a Ninja while dropping off the baking. It was really fun and an awesome start to my Saturday morning- giving 4 other women some love!

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