Spring Swapsy

I posted a in July that I was keen for a Spring Swapsy and I had a few women want to be a part of the Spring Swapsy

Since all of the people taking part in the swap where from Christchurch we got together for an evening of swapping and chatting- it was awesome!!

Here is what I gave to Miriam

and this is what I received- Thanks Holly

Thanks again ladies- Holly, Miriam, Sophie, Amy for an awesome Spring Swapsy and I'm excited to make something with all my goodies and excited to see what you do with all yours!

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  1. A good swap always brings cheer to my day

  2. Thanks YOU for organsing!!

    I have yet to do my blog post on it, will get it up this week promise!


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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