Polaroid Quilt

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I love making quilts for babies. 

When Holly announced she was expecting we chatted about a theme with her suggestions consisting of fat stripes, nautical/ ocean, whales and stuff.

I looked through may stash and noticed I didn't have anything nautical. I asked a few fellow crafters and they were more than happy to gift me some fabric.

I mostly used fabrics from my stash.

The quilt has now made it safe and sound and being enjoyed by its tiny and adorable new owner 

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where I am right now- March

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March was a little bit crazy busy so here's my March addition...it's only 10 days late.

Making : a very large quilt

Cooking : dinners in the slow cooker

Drinking : decaf coffee

Reading: The Enchanted Wood and The Faraway Tree

Wanting: to go on all the camps

Looking: forward to a quieter school holidays

Playing: on giant dragons

Deciding: on my next Project Life layout

Wishing: summer was all year round

Enjoying: the beach

Waiting: for flights to Auckland and home again

Liking: all the different types of shells

Loving: the simple moments of joy while shell collecting

Pondering: how much wood we will use this winer

Considering: carpet

Watching: the boys look through all the Project Life albums

Hoping: this quilt is loved by its recipient 

Marvelling: at how much these two have grown

Needing: more time....just watching

Smelling: flowers

Wearing: comfy clothing

Following: Mr B's awesome photos

Noticing: the road works sign is now my age

Knowing: moments like this are very special

Thinking: how awesome this kid is

Feeling: sad

Admiring: how long we all waited to see the top of the hippo's head at the Zoo

Buying: fun dress ups

Getting: good practice being the tooth fairy

Bookmarking: weaving projects

Opening: late birthday presents

Giggling: at all our awesome family photos

You can find the list here
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