Hulk Birthday Party

Master B celebrated his 7th Birthday! He decided he wanted a Hulk party so he choose 7 friends and they came over to have a Hulk Party.

The biggest find getting ready for the party was all the white tops. They were priced at $4 from Kmart but when I got to the checkout to buy them they all scanned up at 50c each! Lets say I was doing a happy dance inside. I spent a grand total on all 8 tops of $4.

The fabric paint was from the Make Cafe and I brought it in black and green.

I found a green table cloth, straws, plates, forks, napkins and cups. Such a super simple way to theme the party with it not branded with the hulk it was still just as effective for a fraction of the cost.
I found this hair and eye hulk image here and just made the image large enough to fit on a child's top and printed it out. I used the image as a stencil by cutting it out and hand painting on 8 hulk face's.

We found an awesome hulk mask for Master B for his birthday- He loves it!

A hulk figurine was the last resort after not being able to locally find a cake hulk image to put on his cake. So super easy and of course he now has a hulk figurine to play with.

We coloured  the cake and  cupcakes with green colouring and made the icing green. If you are looking for a great food colouring check out Wilton Icing. I used it for the cake, cupcakes and icing and it didn't go everywhere and stain the kids faces and clothing.

Painting of the tops was really fun and it was great to stand back and watch. The kids loved putting them on and they were all really proud of their own creations.

Master W wearing his Hulk top

This top was Master B's creation! The only child to fully paint his top green. I have since re painted the hair and eyes on it for him- more so it doesn't look like a giant blob of green.

It was a very fun Hulk Party!
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  1. Awesome party and ideas! I can see us doing this for a theme in the future so I'm pinning this post!

  2. Love this- so simple but effective!

  3. Some great ideas! Looks like they had a blast!

  4. Love the idea of painting their shirts

  5. Well done pulling it off! What a great party!

  6. I need help.... trying to locate that hulk face image so that I can do this t shirt craft for my sons birthday next week. when I went to the fix page it wasn't there anymore. Anyone else know where I can find this?


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