bunting pillow cases

I have made a bunting quilt and was asked if there was a way I could make matching pillowcases.

bunting quilt

I used plain cream pillow cases and using the same fabrics from the original quilt (taking photos makes remembering what fabrics I used the easy part) and using the same 5'' triangle template as the quilt I cut more triangles from the fabric

I have been asked how I make my triangle templates so here is a few pictures to show you how.

measure out 5'' square

on one side measure and mark half way 

join up the corners

cut out template

This is really easy to do and also if you want smaller or larger triangles you just adjust the first square measurement. Easy!!

And here are the pillow cases

bunting pillowcase

matching pillow cases

I do enjoy how simple this was to sew up the pillow cases with triangles and just how quickly you can take plain cream pillow cases and make them looked loved!

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