Where I am right now- 22nd February 2017

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Making : avocado on toast

Cooking : simple dinners

Drinking : hot water and lemon 

Reading: the news on stuff

Wanting: more sunshine

Looking: forward to the school holidays

Deciding: on what to do on my days not working

Wishing: I had a few extra hours a day

Enjoying: the evening glow

Waiting: my date stamp to arrive

Liking: how independent the boys are becoming

Wondering: where 10 years has gone

Loving: family time

Pondering: the recent fires on the hills

Listening: to the boys enthusiastically play 

Considering: more ways to grow succulents

Buying: more pots for plants

Watching: confidence grow 

Hoping: we don't get birthday requests for machinery

Marvelling: at farm life

Cringing: at how long the process for fixing our house has taken

Needing: lots of patience

Questioning: how its taken so long to get a foundation report

Smelling: salt water

Wearing: hi vis

Following: my feet, one step in front of the other

Noticing: how much our garden has grown

Knowing: they are both growing up so fast


Thinking: our rock collection has grown the past year

Admiring: my newest acquisition

Getting: great photos the boys have taken

Bookmarking: things to do in Christchurch

Disliking: being tired and grumpy

Opening: packages from Ali express

Feeling: proud of how far we have come in 6 years

Helping: the boys with homework

Hearing: all about the boys days at school when I get home from work

Celebrating:  Master B's 10th Birthday next week

Pretending: winter isn't coming

Embracing: my love

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