With me now being in my mid 20's and having my own family- now more than ever do I realise how important friends are and the roles they play in my life but as well as my children. One thing I love about being a mum is the relationships you make with others from school and preschool drop offs, meetings at supermarkets and cafe's, coffee groups etc. Being relational I think it what women do best.

Craft night and coffee groups are my example of where women come together and share their experiences and not feel like they have to hide a bad day, can complain, can ask for advice and more than happy to lend a hand or even being comfortable to ask and even feel happy to share in the happy/win moments in life- like the small victory this week Master B eating carrots and peas happily off his plate without them being mashed into potatoes!

I asked a friend who is more skilled than I if she had some time to crochet me a hat. I had brought some felted wool back in October last year when we went away and last night she finished an awesome hat for me. Perfect for wearing to school on cold mornings.

my new hat!
I know with friendships there are seasons, seasons that you barely get the time to catch up- then you catch up and like its been no time at all. Friends are worth the time and energy and the give and take that goes with it and the advice given and received. They are important for me cause I don't think Mr B really wants to hear all that I have to say about some subjects nor do I expect him to understand what crochet terms mean and what colour I should choose for quilts or what carrot cake recipe works better. Here is where the expertise and opinions of friends helps!

Being that its Mothers Day on Sunday its a reminder for me about all that my mum does for me- every call for help, advice on baking and other things, washing, showers, place to call in for a coffee and chat, being around for my children and it reminds me of my friends and also being aware to love others and have compassion and sympathy and helping because as a mum myself you can't do life alone. Others are in our lives for the laughs, good times and bad. Friends get us through those days you feel like nothing is working and are our sounding boards when a stain just wont come out of our favourite top!

Maybe this week you can do something for a friend.

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  1. love your post !
    and your hat is fabulous!

  2. What a lovely blog post! Your hat looks awesome.

  3. beautiful Treena! miss you heaps my best friend :)

  4. the hat looks great on you!

  5. i'm not entirely certain it is a polite thing to ask (sort of feels like party-crashing) but... how do you get started on attending craft nights?

    here's the thing: i moved to chch 2 months ago, haven't got any family or friends here, slowly starting to get to know other moms in plunket and would love to go to some sort of a craft night, somewhere, but... how? yours sounds like it's a circle of friends, so i'd most certainly be party-crashing, but do you know of any open-sort-of craft nights, somewhere?

    many thanks,

  6. Maria, did you want to email me at :D


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