did you know- 10 things about me

I came across other bloggers who have recently done their very own lists - Nin and Clare. Feeling like I could write 10 things about myself here's my own list....

  1. Grew up in South Auckland and then moved to Christchurch when I was 15 years old with my family.
  2. I prefer to eat my cereal in a cup with a tea spoon.
  3. Detest the taste of tea or any type of favoured water.
  4. I had my belly button pierced when I was 16 (big ouch and yes it got infected and the plasters for the infection gave me a terrible rash)
  5. I did Marching for 6 years in Auckland and was pretty good at it (might even share a few photos at a later date)
  6. Would like to move somewhere warmer for 3 months over winter- love being warm and tropical!
  7. If I could eat garlic bread every night with dinner I totally would.
  8. Can't remember the last time (in the last 7 years) paying full price for an item of clothing for myself.
  9. At Starbucks I will order a Grande white chocolate mocha frappuccino no cream.
  10. I dated Mr B for 9 months before he proposed and then we got married 3 months later on our one year anniversary.
There you have it one list that took longer than I thought and nothing overly exciting. Just a list of random things about me :D
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  1. Awesome I love this - encouraged by Nin I've started doing mine

    At Starbucks I will order a venti caramel machiatto with extra caramel drizzle

    My belly button got terrible infections also

  2. Love these types of posts! And I love that you and Mr B got married on your one year anniversary - why wait if you know, right? :)
    (Also, I wrote a Random Me post last year: http://tallshortandtiny.wordpress.com/2012/12/03/random-me/)

  3. It's a great list and very interesting! I'm half tempted to do one but I think it may take me a while to drum up 10 things! I use a teaspoon for breakfast and desert... it's a perfect size :)

  4. I am a recent convert to the cupbof cereal approach-so much easier to scoff on the run!

  5. Great List! I had my nose pierced when I was 16 and that did not turn out well.
    White Choc Mocha Frappaccino...I don;t know that I've ever tried one of those - sounds yummy!

  6. two things:

    why can't you eat garlic bread every night?

    and it's awesome when you write about yourself. i'd so happily read more!

  7. So craving a Starbucks coffee now! And garlic bread ... so yum. Love this xo

  8. interesting to read about you :) I love garlic bread with cheese ...yum!


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