I tend to the go the library every fortnight with the boys and we get DVDs, book and magazines etc. But I have noticed recently that you can do a Puzzle Swap at the library we frequent (think it helped they have them next to the door). The basic principle is you bring in a puzzle in good condition with all it pieces and swap it for a puzzle with the same amount of pieces- so a 1000 piece you could swap for x2 500 piece or another 1000 piece puzzle.

We have already done the 3 Wasgij's we own last year in the evenings over winter and well we/I don't really want to do the puzzles again so this is a perfect way to do another puzzle with out spending any money as well as having quality time together.

We are currently doing the The Marriage Course and they encourage planning a night a week for "Marriage Time" at the moment this is an hour a week to do the course homework and we have been having dinner together once the boys are in bed (and trying not to be really really hungry having dinner hours after we would normally have dinner)

I picked two new puzzles with Master W's help today. These will be perfect to do at home to spend quality time together this week!

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  1. I know of a couple of books that Simon and I have read that would prob compliment your course, they may have mentioned them to you already "Growing Great Marriages" by Ian & Mary Grant and "Sheet Music" by Dr Leman. We've read both and found them really helpful. I'm going to get another one "Love and Respect" by I can't remember. Hope you're gaining a lot from the course. :)

  2. The course has been great- excited with everything we are learning and having great tools for our marriage! I have been reccomending the course to everyone we know!

  3. What library is that at?? I WANT IN!!

  4. Halswell :D We just started one this evening and someone had kindly bagged the edge bits- a great start to our puzzle making!


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