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Mr B brought home a large bag of peppermint slice off cuts- the bits they can't sell in shops but the bakery next to his work sells. The bag doesn't look appealing but the bits are so yummy. With much of the bag left I decided to make a peppermint slice cheesecake. I used this recipe for inspiration and my trusty food processor! The great thing with this recipe is you can use a packet of your favourite biscuits or a failed chocolate cake or slice for the base.

Peppermint Slice no bake Cheesecake

ends of Peppermint slice- I used a fair amount in this recipe so the base is thick
60g melted butter
500g Cream Cheese
400g can Sweetened condensed milk
1/2 cup chocolate drops
1 teaspoon vanilla essence (or flavouring)


In food processor bend together bits of slice slice and melted butter.

Press into a lined spring form tin.

Blend together Cream cheese and condensed milk add in chocolate drops and vanilla essence and pour over base.

Refrigerate until set and remove from tin to serve.

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  1. Oh my gosh that looks soooo goood! Good idea with the off cuts too, the ones from my cafe just get nibbled on or given to regulars


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