Past few weeks its been like this....

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We have been enjoying the sunshine

Brought 2 wooden bowls for $2 at an op shop. Master B says we should use them for chip and dip

We now have a confident Master B on his bike

I brought some fabric from Sewpretty 

and made hexagons

and a few more

Master W had been doing a lot of  this- he's much better now

but looked so cute even when he was sick

I have been enjoying the time with Mr B at home

Boys have been doing a lot of lego building/ destroying

We even attempted organising lego into groups

Sago is growing

We have been doing some training with her

Got 14 new side plates from Ecoshop for FREE

Made my Christmas gift

It was yummy!

We have been lazing around

Mr B brought a new book..

and has been learning a new skill

Now we are back into the swing of things of normal routine!

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