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Hexagon template arrived. I found this great Cutting Hexagons Tutorial which I used with my hexagon template and it was a breeze to use!

Using hexagon template

Hexagons basted using paper hexagons
I cut out 19 hexagon shapes using 3 different fabrics. I used this Basting Tutorial from a blog I follow called jaybirdquilts as reference for basting (attaching the fabric hexagons to the paper)

Close up front of basting and whip stitched together

Whip stitched two hexagons together underside
Since i'm impatient I already sewed two hexagons together using whip stitch and this Hand sewing Tutorial and I found this a great way to use the last of my machine thread on the bobbin. 

Using the last of  thread to baste and stitch

All 19 hexagons laid out
Here is the beginnings of my hexagon laid out. Now to decide to make a cushion or go all out and make a quilt!

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