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We will be taking things day by day as we deal with the effects of more large aftershocks in Christchurch.

Yesterday (Monday 13th June) we had a 5.7 magnitude aftershock at 1pm and then a 6.3 aftershock at 2.20pm and many other smaller aftershocks throughout the afternoon/evening and these are set to continue for a while yet. This has brought more damage to the city after dealing with and getting through the 4th September 2010 and its 7.1 earthquake and then 22nd February 2011 6.3 aftershock and of course all the smaller aftershocks that were happening frequently. We are nearly at 3,000 aftershocks to date.

We are thankful that we never lost power and by Monday evening the water came back on and to be prepared we have had clean bottled water sitting in our kitchen waiting just in case. Any water for the time being from the tap is yet again on boil notice.

We only had a small amount of liquafaction come up in our section and no more major cracks inside or outside our home (as far as we can tell). Many areas that were affected in February have been hit hard again with damage to homes, roads, liquafaction and many without power in the city tonight. All our friends and family are safe.

Here is the link to all the recent quakes Geonet for anyone interested in the activity we have experienced in the past 24 hours.

The boys are doing well and they just talk about the shakes, and like to inform people there were earthquakes/shakes and of course each day has more why questions that will follow for us to answer.

Sun setting Monday evening
Since we are trying to keep things as normal as possible we went to the supermarket this morning, boys playing outside in the sunshine and night craft night will be on tonight. I am looking forward to sharing the evening with friends, sewing and sharing stories of our day yesterday.

Better go and set up the sewing machine and put my coffee in a travel cup (don't want to waste good coffee when the house is shaking)
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