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boys playing trains
Its winter here at the moment. Only 5 degrees outside at 10.30am this morning with a high expected of 12 degrees. I enjoy a quiet morning inside before Kindy this afternoon, as doesn't require putting on winter clothes, jackets, hats, gloves with Master B and Master W complaining its cold!!

Following up on Mondays large aftershocks and the week of continuous  aftershocks found here at geonet. And we have now had over 3,000 aftershocks to date. This is a link to photos with comparison shots of some Christchurch city buildings from February 22nd and June 13th and its damage. Posted on Facebook this Morning a video link from a cctv camera at a local hardware store with footage from Mondays 6.3 magnitude aftershock. I can tell you personally that what you see in the video is exactly what most people, myself included felt on Monday afternoon.

Looking forward to a warmer less shaky weekend!
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