Its Easter!

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This Easter we have had a nice long weekend at home. An extra long weekend Friday-Tuesday on holiday!

On Friday we went to an Easter service, ate hot cross buns then went to Sumner Beach. The boys loved it.....water, sand, sticks, shells and a boat beached on the sand.

Saturday the boys enjoyed an Easter craft morning at The Make Cafe. Decorating biscuits and creating bunnies and chickens.

bunnies and chickens

Last Easter we had an Easter egg hunt with lego inside.We have started a family tradition. I love how you have lots of bits all spread out and as you work together it all comes together to create something better than a pile of bits and it becomes complete. I do hope it teaches our boys they do need each other and others to work together and more importantly they have each other. I love that they know its not all about the chocolate. The hot cross buns and empty eggs have meaning.

lego filled eggs

An Easter filled with love, hope and sunshine!
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