bye bye carpet

We had eqc repairs done in June/July which required us being out of our house for 5 weeks. We took advantage of this time with them repairing all the cracks and we had a few extra things done to our home at our expense while we were already moved out. This post has LOTS of photos!

Two of the biggest changes happened aside from painting the whole house was taking up the carpet and polishing the wooden floors and replacing the kitchen.

The kitchen process was great to see. It was bye bye 50's cupboards, floral wallpaper, cream carpet and the random space after the 2 fireplaces were taken down that was home to the fridge.

We spent a few months working with Kiwi Kitchens working out the best way to get a functioning kitchen in the space we had. It was so nice to see it all being ripped out.

We had to wait for for the floor to be laid and the plastering/ painting/ electrician and plumber to be done before we saw anything that looked like a kitchen.

So bye bye carpet and hello easy to clean planking for the kitchen floor!

Now we have a fully functioning kitchen with a nice rangehood, dishwasher dish drawer's and its so much easier to bake and use my amazing kitchen. 

Before we moved out we ripped up all the carpet in the house. I don't miss the floral carpet that was different in each room.

We got professionals floor sanders Christchurch Floor Sanding in after the house had been painted

We discovered as they were sanding that the floors are white pine not Rimu. This turned out to be great as the floors are not dark like the skirting, doors, windows in the house.

The floors looked wow after the 1st coat of varnish. All the wooden floors had 3 coats total.

Lounge floor
Master bedroom looking down the hallway

Front door
Boys room
Boys enjoying finding all the toys while unpacking
Its so awesome to have the wooden floors. Its so easy to vacuum and mop the obvious tumble weeds of dust and fluff that accumulate behind doors and furniture and its great to know its all gone and not hiding in 50 year old carpet! We haven't found the floors cold (we already had insulation under the floors)

Master bedroom

Boys room
And the trim around the fireplace looks great with the floor!

So after lots of changes and stress its so nice to be home and enjoying our home and the boys are loving how easy it is to drive cars over the floors. Wooden floors are a win for everyone!

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  1. Your floors and kitchen look great! We went with vinyl planks in our kitchen and laundry and even took them through the dining room; love the look and a sweep most days is all I need to do. Previously there was carpet in the dining room; it was hideous to keep clean.

  2. Looks great darlin'! x

  3. So glad it's all done, and you're back home, and... ahhhhh (sigh of relief/sitting down with a crochet hook & yarn) :)

  4. It all looks so clean and polished- loved seeing it in person!

  5. It looks totally amazing!!! You must be so happy.

  6. What an amazing transformation! It looks fabulous!

  7. Wow it looks amazing! No doubt you will be LOVING it! Yay for fresh new spaces :)


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