Going to the Zoo, Zoo, Zoo....

.....how about you, you , you.....and if you havn't heard that song before you can listen here- thanks youtube.

One thing we love doing with the boys is going to the Zoo's/wildlife parks. We have been to a few in the past few years...... Auckland Zoo, Taronga Zoo, Perth Zoo, Willowbank Wildlife Reserve, Orana Wildlife Park.

Our family at Perth Zoo
One small problem we faced before arriving in Australia is a new sense of fear Master B had of the possibility of spiders and snakes being in Australia. We had many conversations with him before we went away as we encouraged him to talk about it, and for us not to doubt or belittle this fear he had developed. We talked about us being safe as a family and how the zoo has them behind glass. He soon over came this fear and wanted to see them ALL behind the glass at Perth Zoo. The great thing we found was each exhibit had a diagram of Australia (or where they happened to live) and this highlighted where they lived and what they ate- thankfully none ate little boys!


Master B
Master W
Master B with a Zoo map
enjoying the sunshine while we ate lunch


Sun Bear

Riding in the car
As parents we hope to keep teaching our children awareness of animals and preservation of endangered animals, many who sadly are becoming extinct due to their habitats being destroyed or them being hunted. I remind the boys the zoo for many of these animals is a safe place and many people can learn about conservation and caring and being aware of animals in the world.

We had such a great day with friends enjoying many animals and especially the ones we don't have at home and soaking up the sunshine!
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  1. Zoo's are awesome! We never tire of them!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! I agree that zoo's play an important part in conservation.

  3. We love visiting zoos too in our family . Looks like your little ones had fun :)


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