Note to self- the flight to Perth is 5 hours. 5 Hours on a plane and then the 4 hour time difference makes you tired!!! Its a good thing we were prepared with distractions- food, games, colouring in and books and we are so very thankful the boys traveled well. (photo overload)

boarding our plane to Perth
view of the City

Boys enjoying the sand in the playground at Rockingham Beach

Building Sandcastles and cakes
Kings Park has a beautiful view of the city first thing in the morning

A car ride and a bus ride to reach the center of the City

Take a guess who loved the water fountain......

Master W
The boys enjoyed being stuck inside the fountain and having to wait for the cycle to finish and the water stop.

 The escalator at Myer was also fun for the boys, but the Lego was the main attraction

You walk into history down London Court in the middle of the City. We got to see the people and horses joust on the hour above the clock.


Boys feeling adventurous on the playground

Maratime Museum

So many wonderful things we saw in Perth and many more photos to share of our holiday.
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  1. Awesome! I totally recognise lots of those places in your photos from my time in Perth! Love it!

  2. Fun times :) It looks so nice!

  3. It looks so fun and so so lovely!


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