Op Shop Day

Last month we headed out of town for a crafty road trip. After having such a great day we began planning a Christchurch Op Shop day.

I started by putting 31 local Op Shops on a map (this is by no means ALL the Op Shops in Christchurch) this was some of the ones open on a Saturday and that that we could possibly get to in a few hours.

We met at Addington Co Op. Then went across the road to the Salvation Army Store then to the Salvation Army Furniture Store.

Next stop was Tasman Traders

Then off to Buchan street retro

We sheltered from the rain and had Lunch at The Brewery

Really enjoyed all the brick work at The Tannery 

Next was the $2 recycle warehouse then SPCA Op Shop- and who doesn't love 50% off!

Next was the Antique Shop Ferry Road

A total of 8 Op Shops. My finds for the day-  book, jeans, scarf, top, cardigan, dress and a fun day out with the girls!

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  1. Sounds like a fun day! and yay for great scores!

  2. you know I want to join your craft group just for the extra curricular activities right? xx


Thanks for your comment. I do enjoy reading them!

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