Hexagon duvet cover is done!

I started with hexagons BUT decided against unpicking all my hand stitching so I started with a single stack of hexagons and a new plan

 + =

 161 hexagons later

I had to figure out where they all go once I hand stitched 343 together on to white blocks of fabric

then I started start sewing row 1-7 

and ironing them all in the right direction to create amazing  french seams

and this point I stood back and went  "ohh" and "ahhh" and admired the seams

and still more sewing

and then I may have run out of white thread.... BUT a thread fairy dropped some off to me so I could finish *thank you*

and last but not least hand sewing it on to the white duvet cover- over 8m and more thread later

I'm feeling rather proud of myself to see it all done and our our bed!

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  1. It is absolutely stunning!!! so so awesome xxx

  2. Its so beautiful!!! You are so patient! well done.

  3. it looks amazing. well done you :o)

  4. Well done Treena! It looks amazing! Hope you're feeling very proud of yourself!

  5. Absolutely awesome! Id be proud too, its gorgeous! Well done you! :)

  6. It looks absolutely FANTASTIC!!!!!

  7. That looks amazing! Even Malcolm was impressed.

  8. Fresh and lovely just ready for Spring. Well done!

  9. That would have to be one of the most beautiful covers I have ever seen! xo


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