the beauty of a french seam

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I brought a plain white duvet for the hexagon quilt and I didn't want to worry about the seams fraying or being exposed in-between the top of the hexagon layer and top of the white duvet layer.

I found the answer- a french seam! This tutorial here and here show simply how to do it.

It looks amazing! Clean and not too bulky. It did take some time and thought with the ironing and direction of seams but well worth the extra thread sewing every seam and all the repetitive ironing. I cut down 1/8th off the original 1/4 inch seam- just so the next 1/4 inch seam didn't catch when I ironed it back over and sewed it again.

I am enjoying how simple and clean all the lines are on the back. No fraying and worry for me here!

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  1. It looks absolutely stunning hon
    I remember learning french seams way back in high school and making a white shirt all in french seams


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