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2 weeks in Perth = lots of photos. We went to the Zoo and here is a few more photos of our time away

Master B's impressive Monorail from duplo
the boys in a tent watching tv
It was nice having a few quiet (as quiet as 3 boys and a wooden floor can be) at home activities. They enjoyed painting.

The local Mall had a free school holiday activity of kite decorating

We spent a fair amount of time at the beach

Alison and Me 

Rockingham beach

We enjoyed Whitman Park  and the water playground

And it felt like the sun keep shining and Hillarys Boat Harbour 

It was good fun to cover me in sand

Cold rock
It was so great to spend two weeks in Perth. To visit places and to spend the time with Alison and her family. Our holiday is feeling like it was so long ago but we have awesome photos, experiences and memories.
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