Travelling Stash Box

I participated in the Travelling Stash box last year when it arrived at my house.

I wanted to participate again this year. The basic idea is you take something and replace it with something and send it on its way. Its always exciting to get post and even more exciting to open and admire the contents of a box addressed to me....

lots of patterns
lots of fabric
lots of wool
I put in the box fabric from my stash, a jar of buttons, thread, wool and a crochet hook

I took from the box, a knitted toys pattern book, quilt pattern, fabric and tulle

Now the travelling stash box is off to Hollymayb.
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  1. Oh fun. I am looking forward to getting it :0)

  2. How exciting to be seeing the travelling stash box travelling again .. .. ..
    Sophie has just contacted me and wants to be in on it again so can you Christchurch girls please liase as to the best place to slot her in :)

  3. Ooooh exciting! looking forward to seeing the goodie exchange!

  4. I can't wait for it to arrive at my place! Lots of crafty goodies :)


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