Advent Swap gifts Day 1-7

 I started opening Advent gifts!

Here is the package I sent to Cat  and you can see Cat's posts here. These photos are awesome gifts from Ange at Tall, Short, Tiny and Pickle. I feel very spoilt already and its only been a week.

Day 1- Decorations
Day 2- Cranberry Sugar Scrub
Day 3- Decorations
Day 4- Donovans Chocolate covered cranberries
Day 5- Fabric
Day 6- Macaroon delivered to my door!!
Day 6- decorations
Day 7- Cards

Its so very exciting to be opening gifts every morning!
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  1. Amazing gifts !! !! Macaroons delivered to your door WOW
    And for someone who says they aren't crafty - Go Ange with those decorations.
    I am LOVING my gifts - thank you SO much

  2. she has done a wonderful job! Love the macaroon delivery too that's pretty clever :o)

  3. Nom nom macarons! Ange has done an awesome job with her gifts and crafting!

  4. Except I just realised that I forgot to stuff Santa!! Oops. I'm glad you like everything x


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