A Christmas scrap vomit quilt

Ever been handed a basket of fabric thinking- sure I can use that (for something?!).
Then once you have some time to actually look in the basket - you notice you have been handed more than just a basket of random fabric. The basket was FULL with strips of fabric for a scrap vomit quilt.

I started laying out the strips using what was in the basket. All the strips in the basket were now making total sense!

I finally understood how this quilt should be going together. I asked Deb  how to make the extra blocks I needed and she pointed me in the direction of a blog post with a tutorial

So I got to sewing and cutting and placing more blocks

So now with 15 blocks sewn together- It looks like a Christmas quilt top!!

I am so very thankful for a random basket of fabric. A basket of chaos turned out to be a blessing of order and love and who doesn't love thousands of tiny little pieces of fabric coming together to be more than just scraps in a basket- each piece of fabric has a place and a purpose! A perfect Christmas quilt for our home (once I finish it).

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  1. That looks so much like my Christmas scrap vomit that I smiled
    Love that random scraps of strips are turning their way into quilts around NZ

  2. i love that you have already made something from this!

  3. I love what you have done with all that fabric!


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