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I started working on the boys month by month albums a few years ago and I've finally finished Master W's album on his 7th birthday!

I had finished Master B's album last year. 

I had started with albums and 12x12 sleeves from the Warehouse but found they were not standing up to being used often with me using them and taking the 12x12 card stock pages in and out and all the opening and closing they were getting . I switched to Project Life albums. These of course now all match with my other albums I have. (They look pretty all lined up)

Master B's album with a few pages of the March- April layouts. I love seeing how much he changed over the years but also how much he still looks the same.

Master W's pages with the September- October layouts. They are both growing up so fast!

I have finished up the boys albums with their 5th Birthdays and starting school. Master B has a few extra pages but thankfully everything after these albums is covered in my 2014 Project Life Album.

So in total each album has a cover page, and then 60 pages - 1 page per month for 5 years and then a few extras for Master B. 

Its a proud feeling to have something you set out to do more than 8 years ago actually be finished!

I'm still undecided if I go back through and write a few thoughts and note milestones on each page.....I have left space on each layout for this but I will keep thinking on that one.
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