7 years old!

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Master W today you turn 7! 

It seems like a blink of an eye that 7 years has passed. 

You are so enthusiastic in helping where ever you can and willing to give anything a go

Your hugs brighten our day

You have a great sense of adventure 

You are growing so tall- your feet are already a size 3

I love to see you and your brother play so well together even if it is cars on the window sill

You love looking at our family photos

Family and friends are very important to you

You are always so gentle and kind

You are so very cheeky when ever there is a camera

Happy Birthday Master W 
Enjoy all your birthday lego 
We love you to the moon and back xxx

I love looking back over the past few years blog posts. 6 years5 years, 4 years 
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