where did 6 years go?

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Today my baby is 6. You can read his 5 year old  post and 4 year old post.

I think about where 6 years has gone and realise that most of it we have had sleep deprivation and many trips to the doctor and more hugs than I can count!

I am so very thankful you now at 6 you can sleep through the night. (whooo!!!!)

You have grown up so fast!

Everything you do is with care and compassion and curiosity.

You love your brother and think the world of him. 

You are loving school and love to learn. You are becoming so independent.

We are not lacking photos of funny faces!

You love the time with us and  there is always a hug when you need one

You love lego and building, creating, drawing

And sometime soon I can see you being taller than your brother

Happy Birthday Master W. We love you to the moon and back in a row boat with rocket boosters xxx

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  1. oooo cool new look Treena-Marie! Happy Birthday to your young man :)


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