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At the end of last year I shared the joys of a new toilet. This of course has been a huge and very wonderful change to the house. We can no longer hear the toilet flush at the other end of the house nor does it take hours for it to fill.  

Its been 6 months since the new toilet was put in and I have spent that time searching for art for the toilet wall - the wall you look at every time you use the toilet.

It has been blank.

A very boring blank toilet wall.

I had a brain wave when I saw these wall decals or should I say wall confetti. A perfect low cost solution to a very blank toilet wall. 

Everyone wanted to see the progress of the wall confetti as the four of us and a chair tried to fit in this very small space not designed for 4 people and a chair.

I checked pintrest for inspiration but honestly I just started sticking the shapes on starting at the top.

Pretty coloured confetti shapes on the toilet wall. 

This is my new view from the laundry # happyplace
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